We ship our puppies all over the world

Dogs will be prepared for all needed travel regulations prior to departure. This documentation includes a pet passport and a health certificate (signed by a veterinarian certifying that the animal is fit to fly).

The dogs will have received all their vaccinations up until the departure date.

There are two transportation options. Via both road and air (plane). Keep in mind that since we are in Serbia, air travel is employed for more distant trips. Nearby locations like the UK and Europe are transported by road.

Transport by air can be done with or without passengers. The dogs will fly in the same location on both occasions—the cargo hold—along with the luggage. The dogs will be waiting for their new owners outside the airport if they travel with the passenger, which is the only difference.

The new owners, however, will receive a certificate concerning the flight with which they can pick up their dogs from the airport when they fly alone in cargo.

Safety before anything

The dogs are kept in a separate area with ventilation and a set temperature on the aircraft. Dogs may eat and drink during the journey thanks to food and water bowls that are attached to the kennels.

The staff isn’t with the dogs on the flight. When they arrive at the layover location, ground workers with experience working with animals will check the dogs to make sure everything is alright and to look for any symptoms of illness or stress.

Dogs are walked, and if they require it, freshwater or additional food will be given to them.

We employ the best dog shipping firms with a ton of experience, and we’ve never had a big issue sending dogs anywhere, not even to India or Bangladesh.

In the designated holding areas in between connecting flights, all dogs are kept under observation by ground officials.

I will personally transport the dogs to the airport or other designated locations where the shipping company will pick them up. I place them into their crates and provide the new owners’ with videos and images of them in their containers.

The companies we work with provide door-to-door delivery in the USA. Your fur baby will arrive right at your door.

The same is true for Europe and the UK.