Remarks some folks have made about us!

If we have had the pleasure of shipping you one of our precious little Rottweillers, feel free to leave us your review. It would be very much appreciated!


David Warren

I have had the pleasure of working with Black and Tan Pearls for many years now. They are a distinguished Rottweiler breeder, who has shipped dogs all over the world. I cannot recommend them enough, especially for anyone looking to buy a dog internationally.

Elizabeth Atkinson

For years, I’ve been looking for a trusted breeder who has the vision and knowledge that is needed to breed the best rottweilers there are. When I found out about Black and Tan Pearls, I was elated. They have an incredible knowledge of Rottweilers and have always been open to answering my questions.

Sijib Druta

I have been breeding Rottweilers for over 10 years and I can assure you that these are the most distinguished rottweilers in the market. The Black and Tan pearls are truly a work of art. They’re better than any other breeder that we’ve worked with and their dogs will be your best friends forever.